Kim, My Oldest Sheep

Kim is now my oldest sheep.  She’s around 11 years old.  She isn’t showing any signs of aging and I still think of her as a young sheep even though it’s not true.

She is a Karakul, which are hardy and adaptable desert sheep, originally from Central Asia.  Their wool is great for felting, I often mix Kim’s wool with Merricat’s who also has white wool.  But I may make it into roving this year.

Kim has always been the only Karakul in the flock and all the sheep she grew up with on the farm have died.  But aside from being skittish especially around Zinnia, she continues to adjust to the changes that go on around her.

It took years, but Kim will eat treats out of my hand.  She’ll even nose her way between the other sheep to get them.

She is one of the sheep I didn’t shear in the fall so her fleece, which is straight without a crimp, will probably be five or six inches long.

Ian, will come in a couple of weeks to sheer all the sheep. I’ll bring their wool to the new mill by the end of May and hopefully get it back in the fall.

10 thoughts on “Kim, My Oldest Sheep

  1. Kim is a real beauty. With her sweet, soft pink and white face and unique ears she stands out in the flock. You have captured the textures and softness of her wool. She may be shy but she looks so huggable!

    1. She does look huggable Peg! But she’d never allow it. Not by me anyway. Maybe someone else could work their way into there heart for a hug. 🙂

  2. What a pretty sheep!
    It’s nice to see their faces. I think my mind expects to always see sheep in groups, so getting a glimpse of them as individuals is a perspective I appreciate.

  3. Kim has always been my favorite. She looks so feminine with her pink nose and ears. I can’t remember if you’ve started a list for people who want dryer balls, but if you have, I’d like to order some more. Interestingly, Consumer Reports recommends using dryer balls rather than fabric softener.

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