Without Meaning to, I Started A New Quilt Today

old quilt pieces

I worked on my Bird Potholders all morning and just couldn’t make it happen.  I have two of the smaller Nuthatches that came out well, but I think the other ones were too big.  I’ll have to look at them again tomorrow and see what I think of them.

Discouraged the the  Birds I put them aside and looked at the fabric scraps on my worktable.  There were a lot because I pulled a so much fabric off my shelves to try and figure out what would work.

It was the old quilt pieces that someone sent me years ago that got my attention.  So I started by cutting one down to a rectangle which makes a nice sunburst thinking I would make them into potholders.

But as I worked, I found that these too, were too big to make potholders from.  So instead of giving up on the, I just kept adding to the piece I had.  Honestly, I was enjoying myself too much to stop.  For the first time in two days, the process was flowing, and I didn’t want to give that up.

I took it as a message that there was a quilt that needed to be made.

I came up with a patchwork piece about 20×24 inches, then felt it needed something different.

Each corner has a different piece of fabric, this one has a little Mad Hatter.


I pulled out my box of long strips of fabric and looked for the most incongruous piece I could find.  It turned out to be a red white and blue early American replica.  I tried a few others, but always came back to this one.

It took me the rest of the day to decide on the red strip of fabric next then the alternating pieces of old quilt and African fabric.

I always try to mix fabric from different time periods and different styles together, but I’m really focusing on that in this quilt.

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