Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You…What Love Can Do

You’re just too good to be true, I can’t take my eyes off of you.  You feel like heaven to touch, I want to thank you so much.…  I sang to the dogs as I picked up their poop. I sang even louder in the pasture, to no on in particular, as the donkeys and  sheep grazed.  I sang to the chickens when hopped out of the coop, I sang to Zip as I filled up his bowl with kibble.

And when I got back into the house, I sang to Jon.

I woke up with the song Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You going through my head.  Not that I know the words, just something close to them.

It was the sentiment that mattered anyway.

Jon has been going through an important time for him and us.  He’s making changes to habits he developed early in his life, habits that at the time may have saved him.  But habits that no longer work for him. I won’t go into the details, that’s for him to do, but the result is that he is being more open and honest with himself and me and this has sparked my love for him to deepen even more.

I think that’s why I woke up with that song bursting from me.  It’s not one I ever paid much attention to, but I think my subconscious knew that it spoke to the truth of what I am feeling.

When Jon was in the shower and I was making breakfast, I found the song on Youtube sung by Frankie Valli.

And I began to dance to it.

It was just a few weeks ago that some of the women I dance with told me they often practice bellydancing while in the kitchen cooking.  At the time I thought that I don’t cook enough to do that, but I’m actually doing more cooking these days.  I even made Kichari, an Indian meal with the help of my friend Ute, from the Co-0p.  She supplied me with the recipe, some of the spices that I’d never even heard of, and crucial instructions on how to fry the cumin seeds.

I danced to  Frankie Valli singing Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You  in between scrambling the eggs, cutting up some fruit and pouring tea.   I combined fast and slow moves as the song called for. It didn’t feel like practice,  just fun.

By the time Jon got out of the shower, I was feeling good.  Like I just drank a cup of tea with caffeine in it.

It was chilly when I got to my studio so I put the song on more time and danced to warm up.  Then I danced to it again.

What is it the makes a person wake up singing a love song, and wanting to dancing to it?

It must be love.

But surely I’ve loved Jon all these years.

I’ve heard people say they fall in and out of love in long term relationships.  I’ve been angry and upset with Jon, but I have never fallen out of love with him.  I know what that feels like and it wasn’t that.  But I have questioned myself about the balance of compromise and limits.  I also know that relationships like people aren’t perfect and balances shift.

The truth is, I’m happier in our relationship now even more than when we first met. There was a thrill to those early days, but I won’t trade them for who we have become and what we have today.

I think it has so much to do with our ability to change and grow.  And that we want this not just for ourselves, but we truly want it for each other too.

So my  words to the song may not be the right lyrics, but they are for me and how I feel about Jon. That song let me dance in the kitchen without reserve.  Showed me how to feel the music and  dance for the joy of it.

I’ll try to leave the fear behind and take that feeling to class next week instead.  I never imagined that love could help make me a better dancer.

Makes me wonder what else love might do.

9 thoughts on “Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You…What Love Can Do

  1. Love can do amazing things! I’ve been married to Kev for 45 years and he still makes my heart skip a beat. It hasn’t been all rainbows and unicorns, but I think coming through hard and scary times together has made us stronger as a couple and makes the good times sweeter. Love heals, helps us to grow and sometimes helps us to dance and sing with reckless abandon! Love also allows us to feel all of our feelings even anger and sorrow and be able to come out on the other side willing to try again. Keep singing and dancing!!!

  2. So beautifully written Maria and a tribute to the love you and Jon share.
    And yes the picture you chose to post is adorable ❤️

  3. Thank you for the reminder of how good it feels to sing and dance to old songs that lift me up and express love. Something I used to do when younger. A good tonic for emotional health ☺️

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