My Flock Of Seven Sheep


I thought I’d introduce my new flock for anyone who doesn’t know them.  And since it’s recently a new flock after the death of Suzy and Socks, I hope those of you who already know them will enjoy seeing their portraits.

Asher (above) is Issachar’s twin. They are a mix of Como, Blueface Leicester and Romeny.  They are six years old.


It’s not always easy to tell Asher and Issachar apart.  Issachar has a white flash high up on his nose and his wool is a bit darker.  They were both bottle fed so they are very friendly.  They are big wethers (castrated male sheep) and are kind.  They often break up the head butting that can go on.

I feel like since almost all of my older sheep are gone, that Asher and Issachar have taken over as the leaders of the flock.


Merricat is a Romney and came to the farm in 2020 along with her sister Constance, they are five years old.  My former shearer Liz gave me all the sheep I have now except Kim.  She has lovely white wool that I have dyed in the past.

But this year I’ll be going to a new mill since The Vermont Fiber Mill closed.  The new mill doesn’t dye wool, so I may try dying some myself.  Or I’ll just sell it in it’s natural colors.


Constance is also a Romney.  I think she would like to be the leader of the flock.  She’ll eat from the donkey’s feeder even after they chase her away.  She is always butting heads with the other sheep.  And when she feels like it, she will put her head down and butt Zip chasing him out  of the barnyard.  She has even made Fate move from where she is standing.  But she never has to butt Fate, she just looks at her.

It’s supposed to be the other way around. The sheep aren’t  supposed to move the Border Collie, but Fate has never been a typical Border Collie


Lori is a Romney too. She came to the farm with Merricat and Constance, but grew up with Asher and Issachar on Liz’s farm.    When we got her we didn’t know she was pregnant.  Since we don’t have a ram on the farm, we had a great surprise that spring when we found a little black lamb in the barnyard.


Robin is Lori’s lamb.  Although now he is a 3 year old wether.  He is sweet and bit shy.  But he will put his face right in mine and when he does I always feel like he is asking a question I don’t know how to answer.


Kim is the only sheep I still have from my original flock.  She is a 10 years old Karakul. She is the only animal on the farm that is afraid of Zinnia.  It’s because she is easily startled and when Zinnia runs Kim runs which makes Zinnia run even more.

In the next week or two, I will have all the sheep shorn and they will all look a bit different. Maybe I’ll take more portraits of them so you can see what they look like without their wool on.

17 thoughts on “My Flock Of Seven Sheep

  1. Thank you for these. They are all individuals , the portaits are wonderful along with their story

    Yes to portraits after shearing

    1. Ian is coming on Saturday to shear the sheep, so next Sunday, I’ll take pictures of them again. Glad you enjoyed it DawnMarie.

  2. Thank you for the photos of your flock. It’s a little like school pictures ! Each one has a certain characteristic but I admit I am fond of Robin, probably because we’ve seen him grow from his birth. He’s always had a sweet “smile”, too !
    Lovely Kim reminds me of the shy girl who just wants to find the right person to talk to. Does she ever do that with you ?

    1. Ha! I can see that Laura. Maybe that means I should do it every year. We can see how they change. And I think you’re so right about Kim. I need to pay more attention to her. Thanks for the tip!

  3. If you are looking for a new mill, have you heard of Junction Fiber Mill? The mill is located in White River Junction, Vermont. They do custom spinning and dye as well. Owners Peggy and Amanda have a YouTube channel where you can get to know them. They are wool farmers and are passionate about wool as well as supporting local farm. The mill might be a good fit for you.

    1. I have Pat, It sounds like a wonderful place, but they’re far from us. I did find a new mill an hour and half away in Hillsdale NY, Nobletown Fiber Works.

  4. Thank you! I feel so much closer to the farm now that you have introduced the flock with their pictures.

    1. That’s great Steve. I haven’t done it in a long time. Good for me to remember there are always new people coming to my blog and even the people who have been here a long time may not know them all.

  5. Thank you for repeating the sheep family tree because I forget. And each one of them deserves their moment in the limelight.

  6. I always thought that Constance is Robins mother, guess I’ve mixed things up. They are all beautiful and I love seeing their pictures.

    1. It’s easy to get confused Antoinette. I guess it’s good to do this from time to time. Helps everyone get to know the sheep even better.

  7. Maria you have captured the heart and soul of each of your flock. What beautiful faces – they mirror the love and care you have given them. They are each individuals and you honor that when you take their portraits.

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