Stacking Wood


The angel in the woodshed window

The angel sat on the window looking out.  Nothing disturbed her since I emptied out the woodshed this winter one log at a time for our wood stoves.  And yesterday, when I began stacking the last of the wood that was piled up outside the shed, into the woodshed, the angel was still there.  I wouldn’t move her at this point,  I can be superstitious and she seems a kind of “good luck charm.”

I stacked two rows of wood so far and have one more to go.

I throw each log from outside the shed onto a pile inside the shed.  Then I stack that pile in neat rows.  I get a bit obsessive about it.  But how could  I not. It’s so satisfying to see the wood outside get lower and the stacks of wood inside get higher.

The woodshed is attached to the house and has three doors. One on the south side, where I stack last years wood so I can access it in the fall.  One door leads into what is now the laundry room and used to be the summer kitchen (there is still a hole in the chimney for a stove pipe) And there is a big opening on the east side of the shed.

This is where Ed will back up his truck and dump the wood when he delivers it during the summer.

I make the stacks as high as I can reach.  I will stand on top of the pile of wood as the stack gets higher so I don’t have to lift each log as high.  I learned to do when I watched our Amish neighbors build their barn.  They used the posts and beams they had already constructed as ladders to reach the second floor, then the second floor to reach the roof.

My task is a lot simpler, but it’s the same idea.

Each year I try to remember what the dimension of a cord of wood are.  And each year I forget.  So this year I will write it on the back of the door to the shed.  That way I’ll know how much wood we have left from the year before and how much we’ll need to get.

Next week Ed will bring two more cords and after they have a few days to dry in the sun, I’ll begin stacking them inside the shed too.

Zip joined me when I was stacking wood this afternoon.

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