Making Poached Eggs

I think I’m getting the poached eggs down.  I’ve been making them all week with minor adjustments.  Today I cooked them  2 1/2 minutes after slipping the egg into the pot.

When I tried 2 minutes the whites were a bit runny, but 2 1/2 minutes they lose a bit of that creamy lightness.

The best poached eggs I’ve ever had were at the Inn in Vermont that Jon and I go to every year.  We might not get there till Christmas, but I’ll have something to compare my eggs to when we do.

Today I had my egg on Semolina fig bread, with goat cheese (from Cindy at Caz Acres Farm) and spinach from the Farmers Market.  It was yummy.

The hens laid two more eggs today so tomorrow I’ll try cooking them just over 2 minutes.

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