The Bird Potholders That Gave Me Such A Hard Time

These birds gave me a hard time.  Like I said in the video of my Studio Visit with Jon, they inspired my new quilt when I gave up making them.

I put them aside last week, but this morning I brought them out again.  I took most of them apart and started over. Somehow this morning I made them work.  It came easy today, I’m not sure why.

With the left over scraps, I made a couple of patchwork work potholders.  Then when I got them done, I still had more in me.

I had this small piece of pansy fabric and knew if I didn’t use it this time of year, it would have to wait till next spring.  Turned out  I had all the fabric pieces I needed to make them right at my finger tips.

I hope to have theses all made into potholders and ready to sell in my Etsy Shop on Friday.

Two Pansy Potholders


4 thoughts on “The Bird Potholders That Gave Me Such A Hard Time

  1. Maria-

    It’s so much fun to see scraps that I sent you many years ago come to life. I used the pansies to make come place mats about 15 years ago.

  2. The potholders are beautiful!! If not spoken for I would like to purchase a bird potholder: first choice, third row, first potholder, otherwise top row, first or third one. Pansy potholder the first one, otherwise the second one. My sister in laws favorite flower and color; something cheerful to send her in the mail. She is trying to adjust to life without my brother; and thankfully she has wonderful grandkids that call and visit and her daughters keep in close contact even though they live a distance away. Bedlam farm is green and lush like our farm, it is beautiful. I have beets, lettuce, carrots, and radishes coming up. I found a new item; it is called red eggplant. Have you heard of it? I wonder if it is red on the inside?

    1. Thanks Marsha, I will email you about the potholders. It is a lush year here. Sounds lovely there too. And all those good veggies coming up. I haven’t heard of the red eggplant. You’ll have to let me know what it looks like.

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