Indecision and Certainty


Mushrooms, like wildflowers are not indecisive. They know just where to grow.

The purple lilacs bloomed today.

I’m sitting on the front porch, my computer on my lap a glass of wine on the small round wrought iron table someone put out for free.  Every few moments, when the breeze is just right, the smell of the lilacs fills me up. They remind me to take a deep breath, to slow down.

Zip just appeared on the steps, coming in from hunting in the front lawn.  He nuzzles my hand and gives is a lick.  I tell him not now and gently push his head away.

He settles next to me on the wicker bench.  Just like Flo, then Minnie used to.

I can hear the mummer of music coming from inside the house were Jon and Ian are playing chess.  The evening birds are singing too.  There is also the swish of cars and a few motorcycles on Route 22.

I had a great day in my studio humming along on my quilt.  I had the next part all done, but when I looked at it laying on my studio floor I was filled with doubt.

I left my studio to blog then went right back.  The quilt was nagging at me.

There was something not right, or was it just right?

I think of the wildflowers and how they know just where to grow.  If only I had such certainty.

Such indecision.  It happens.  It just happened in a big way today.  What confuses me  is how certain I was when I laid out the fabric and how uncertain I was once it was all sewn together.

I know I will wake up in the night thinking about it.  I already have some ideas.

But I also know what I really need to do is let it go.  Give it space.  Trust that in the morning it will be clear to me.

2 thoughts on “Indecision and Certainty

  1. Trust that you’ve got this! You’re no doubt your own worst critic but the artist in you has to feel it. I get that but do not lose sleep over your work. I hope you enjoyed your glass of wine and tranquil moment.

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