Me and Lulu….Happy Again


Me and Lulu

Lulu and I had a fight.  I guess you’d call it that.  We were mad at each other for a few days.

It began when Lulu walked through the gate from the barnyard into the backyard.

I can’t really blame her, the grass in the yard is so long and green.  A different quality from the grass in the pastures that’s been grazed for so many years.  The first year we were here we put up a temporary fence and let the donkeys graze in the yard.  I thought of doing it again, but I didn’t want them getting used to going through the gate.

It was my fault really, I didn’t make sure the gate was closed.

Ever since I fixed it, it swings shut so easily, I don’t even look at it.  I think it has something to do with the warmer weather too.  All the doors and gates behave differently depending on the season.

The back door of the farmhouse automatically swings shut in the winter.  But in the summer, it prefers to stay open.

After both Lulu and Fanny walked through the gate a few days later, I figured out that if I push the gate a little too hard, instead of the latch closing, it lifts up and doesn’t catch.   Then the gate swings open again.

The first time Lulu came back pretty quickly with a little coaxing and an alfalfa treat.  “I know you don’t want to be out here without Fanny,” I said quietly to Lulu as she pulled up mouthfuls of grass.  She took a sniff of the alfalfa and followed me back into the barnyard.

The second time Fanny followed Lulu and I was in a hurry so I wasn’t as patient.  But I knew I had to be calm or they would give me a hard time.  This time I got Fanny to follow the alfalfa treat and Lulu followed her.

But I was pissed and I could tell that Lulu was too.

Fanny doesn’t hold a grudge, but for the next few days Lulu would walk away if I tried to brush her or scratch her ears (which she loves) and would avoid me when we walked to the pasture.  And when it was time to come in, she would linger so long I had to get behind her, and clap my hands to get her moving.

But yesterday we made up.

I knew it would have to me who made the first move.  I slowly approached her in the pasture with an open heart and loving thoughts.  “Sorry Lulu,” I said out loud.  “It’s my fault for leaving the gate open, I can’t blame you one bit for wanting that grass.”

I gently reached out and laid the back of my fingers on the side of her neck.  When she leaned into them, I moved to her ear and started scratching it.  She lifted her head and then I leaned the side of my face against her soft neck and scratched her under her chin.

We stayed that way awhile, and have been good together ever since.

I’m still taking extra care to make sure the gate is closed.  And after we had the grass mowed on Monday, I raked up some of the clippings and tossed them over the fence.

There’s plenty of good grass to eat in the pastures, but I also understand that thing about wanting what we can’t have.  Especially if it just on the other side of the fence.

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