My “Sweet Dreams” Quilt, A Video

I figured it out. Everything I didn’t know about my quilt yesterday came to me clearly today.

And when I looked at it, even unfinished, the words Josie’s wrote in a comment on my blog came back to me. “What a happy quilt! You can’t help having sweet dreams when covered with such joy!

So now I know it’s name too.  It’s my Sweet Dreams quilt.

6 thoughts on “My “Sweet Dreams” Quilt, A Video

  1. This was so fun to find tonight! The quilt is beautiful and it was just as fun seeing the video of you conveying how happy you are with it. The fact that you named it and what you name it is just over the top … ❤️

  2. A big “ta-dah” glad you got the inspiration … Going away for a while … It works, and beautifully so!

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