Picking Flowers For Jon

The flowers I picked for Jon this morning

It’s a rainy morning, but the spring flowers thrive in it as much as they do the sun.

A branch from the deep purple lilac bush hangs over the pasture and I think they’d be good in a bouquet for Jon.  There are more buttercups too.  The sheep and donkeys aren’t eating them.  I pick some with the longest stems.

There were never many violets in the south pasture, but I have enough purple anyway.

I call the dogs and head for the white lilac that grows at the corner of the woodshed.  I just need a small one.  Then on my way into the house,  I pick the pink geranium from the plant I kept in the bedroom over the winter, which is now on the back porch.

Jon is as delighted to receive the flowers as I was to pick them for him.

He takes them outside his Lica hanging from his shoulder.  He puts the on the table on the back porch and begins taking their portrait.

Later, when it stops raining and the sun comes out, he’ll bring the bouquet to his raised flower bed and take more pictures.

I know I will be surprised at the photos when he shows me on his camera at the breakfast table.  There is always something new. Some touch me more than others and I let him know.

I’m drawn to the thin elegantly curved stem, the sharp edge of a delicate petal against the muted background, how a buttercup glows like the sun in a blur of color.

I always wanted someone to bring flowers too.  The ones that grow wild (I only pick the wildflowers that there are plenty of) and the ones I have planted.  Someone who would appreciate them the way I do.

But Jon gets something out of the flowers that I never did.

He originally got his raised flower beds because he wanted to be able to cut the flowers and bring bouquets to people.  Last year he found that he’s more interested in taking pictures of the flowers than gardening.

Now he makes bouquets of flowers into art, sees them his own unique way and shares with thousands of people every day.

Flowers have become a part of our everyday life, like feeding the animals or taking a shower.   There are always three or four vases of flowers of all sizes on our dining room table.  They are beginning to crowd out the piles of books and papers.

I know something worthwhile and inspiring will come of the them all.  And when they die, we feed them to the donkeys and sheep, or put them in the compost.

Jon taking pictures of  bouquets of flowers on his raised flower beds when the sun is out.  I took this picture through the old wavy glass of my studio window.

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