Getting Ready For Sheep Shearing On Saturday


When the rest of the sheep went back to the barn Robin was still grazing.  He bit off a dandelion in his last mouthful before I chased him out of the pasture.

There were so many little wildflowers where he was grazing, I was inspired to pick Jon a tiny bouquet.

I’ll put the sheep in the barn Friday night.  This way if it rains or there is a lot of dew, their wool won’t be wet for shearing on Saturday morning.

Sheep through the window in Jon’s study.

3 thoughts on “Getting Ready For Sheep Shearing On Saturday

  1. That’s a calming lovely pastoral scene! It seems like farming involves a lot of planning ahead; dry wool, winter hay, healthy pastures, firewood etc. Do you and Jon ever forget stuff? Seems like you have this down to a science.

    1. We don’t forget the important stuff Barbara. It is so much about planning ahead though. I still find it so interesting that as soon as we stop feeding hay or using firewood for the season we have to start thinking of the winter again.

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