Sweet Dreams Quilt, In The Details


“Sweet Dreams” at the end of the day. Tomorrow I’ll add a border around the edge.

I got right to my studio when we got home from Jon’s foot surgeon.  I couldn’t’ wait to sew on the squares I’d made a few days ago.

The most fun, when I’m working on something that has a lot of repetition, is filling in the places where I run out of fabric.   And the little surprise that come with using a fabric that’s already been sewn together.

Because there are always things that don’t match up or aren’t long enough.

That little piece of rusty brown calico at the top left is two pieces of fabric that I only had to tweak to make  line up. From a distance they look like one thin line.

When a piece of fabric is too short,  I get to decide how to extend it.

Do I use the same fabric or some thing different. I usually look for a scrap on my work table that is the right size.  It’s like leaving it up to the Fates. 

But I chose that bit of red on the top of the orange line.  I liked how it worked with the rectangle of red that I patched onto the rusty brown calico.  Which was a scrap on my table.

I wasn’t conscious of matching the small patchwork square at the top left corner of the quilt the tomato batik.  I only noticed it when I had sewn it all together.  Once again, I was just using the scraps on my work table to fill in the space.

It’s the small details the quirks that say, I’m not necessarily who you think I am.

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