Waiting…Toe Again…

Today’s “Waiting” drawing

When Jon said that he thought there was something wrong with his foot last night we both knew we’d be going to see his foot surgeon, Dr Daly in the morning.

We’re careful about getting to her when anything is even a little off with Jon’s foot. We weren’t sure exactly what the problem was, we just knew something was wrong.

We got an early appointment and were home by lunch time.

We actually didn’t have to wait long once we got there.  There was just enough time for me to do a “Waiting” drawing in the little sketch pad I carry in my bag.

Jon wrote about his foot on his blog.  He has an appointment next week in Albany to get his brace adjusted.  It’s good we went when we did, he’ll have to walk around his surgical boot for a week, but at least they will be able to help his foot.

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