In From Grazing

When the animals come in from grazing they’re ready to relax in the shade of the pole barn.

Tomorrow after they are shorn I will let the sheep into the back pasture again.  I didn’t want them there because there are lots of tall plants that can get stuck in their wool.  I was trying to keep their wool as clean as possible the month before shearing.

Issachar and Asher’s wool still have some remnants of the the hay they ate over the winter, but it’s not as much as it would be if I had them shorn while still eating hay.  Their wool is the hardest to skirt, it’s thick and moist with lanolin, which is part of what makes it good for spinning and knitting.

After the sheep are shorn I will skirt their wool,  cleaning it of the large organic debris.  I have a few bags of wool from the fall shearing too, so even though I only have seven sheep now, I’ll have eleven bags of wool for the mill.

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