Shearing The Sheep

Shearing Kim

Ian was here at 9am.   I had the barn all cleaned up from the sheep spending the night  in it.  I had my plastic bags to put the wool in and the extension cord hooked up and in place for Ian to plug his clipper in.

Kim was the first to be shorn.  She’s used to it and is smaller than the rest of the sheep.  She was a bit skinny without all her wool.  She’s getting older, so in the winter I’ll feed her some grain along with hay.


Merricat was next.  I had her shorn in the fall and her wool is a nice length with a lovely crimp.  And so clean, there will be little skirting to do.


I was’t surprised that Constance gave Ian a hard time.  She wouldn’t stay still for him even when he finally got her on her back. Sheep usually go dormant when held in that position.  But Constance was trouble the whole time.

Constance and her wool

Ian says he understands, and was gentle with Constance thoughout the shearing.

Ian and Fate

Fate was outside the barn looking thought the fence the whole time.  I think she was more comfortable with the fence between her and the sheep.

Asher sniffing Issachar’s wool

Ian throws the “junk” wool off the mat.  This is the wool from the belly and top of the head.  It can’t be taken to the mill because it is shorter than the rest of the wool and very dirty.  Asher was hanging around while his twin was shorn.

“Nurse, give that sheep a gold star sticker,” Ian joked as he released Issachar. Issachar  was so calm and easy going about being shorn, it was as if he was enjoying it.


Asher and Issachar’s wool is long and soft.  And there is a lot of it. I will make yarn out of Issachar’s black wool and roving from Asher’s which is a bit lighter.

Notice how the wool closer to Asher’s body is darker.  That is because the wool on the top is bleached by the sun.

Jon and the sheep.

Ian is shearing Lori and Robin (in the photo with his wool on) was the last to be shorn.

Lori being shorn

Constance hung around Lori when she was being shorn.  Lori’s wool is short so I won’t be using it.  But I have her wool from the fall shearing.  From now on I will only shear her once a year.


Ian left Robin for last.  Because he is young, he still hops around a lot.  He ran halfway  up the wall when Ian first came into the barn.  But Ian outsmarted Robin and calmly got him onto the mat and on his back.

clipping Merricat’s hooves

Ian also clips all the sheep hooves and checks them to make sure they are healthy.

The sheep were happy to leave the barn and do some grazing, in their new coats,  when the shearing was done.

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