Grazing In The Back Pasture


Fanny and Lulu and the sheep

The back pasture has been off limits to the sheep and donkeys for the past month.  They grazed it low all winter and early spring.  It needed time to grow back.

Now the grass and all the wildflowers are coming up.  Some of the wildflowers, like the bee balm and oregano are half way to my knee.

I also didn’t want the sheep grazing in the back because there are too many plants that could get stuck in their wool.   But now that they are shorn and the grass is high I opened the gates for them this morning.

Now the only problem is the insects.  There are more in the back pasture, I think because of the flowers and the marsh.  It’s because of those insects that we also have so many wonderful birds.

So when I saw the donkeys twitching their ears and swishing their tails, and the sheep running back to the barn way too early, I opened up the north pasture in the evening.

Tomorrow I’ll get up earlier, before the sun is high, and let the sheep and donkeys graze before it gets too hot and buggy.  Last year, on the hottest days, I opened the pasture for grazing all night and closed it up during the day.

It’s too early to give the sheep and donkeys that much access to the new grass.  They need to get used to the fresh spring grass after months of hay.

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