Working on The Backing For My “Sweet Dreams” Quilt

The top of my Sweet Dreams quilt

With the orange border, the top of my Sweet Dreams quilt is done and I’ve begun working on the backing and batting.


It was a warm and breezy day, perfect for drying the  fabric on the line

The next step was to find the backing material.  Because of Lorry, I have lots of yardage that is perfect for quilt backings.

On Saturday I received a box of thread from Lorry.  It, like the fabric, belonged to her mother.   Lorry first contacted me last year.  She was cleaning out her mothers house and sent me some photos of the fabric she thought I might like to have.

She has sent a few more boxes since then.  In a card she put in the box with the thread she wrote:

…I love seeing the fabric of Mom’s being incorporated and then being sent out all over the US.  I know she is in heaven saying “Well, I didn’t use this fabric, but am glad that someone else can use it!”

The box of thread from Lorry.  She kindly sorted it into baggies.

Needless to say, whenever I use some of the fabric and now the thread,  I will think of Lorry and her mom.

Ironing the backing

I have found the best way to get wrinkles out of fabric is to wash it and hang it on the line.  Especially if there is a breeze, the fabric comes off the link almost wrinkle free.

I do the rest with my iron and a spritzer.  It’s when I’m ironing the fabric that I also get to inspect it for holes or stains.  That happens more often with fabric that has been used for another purpose, like curtains or clothes.

It came down to two different fabrics.  The one I chose, pale peachy, with white strips picked up some of the colors in the quilt.  It’s also calmer and lighter (in color as well as feeling) than the other choice which was a red and blue small flower print.

By the end of the day I had the quilt, backing and batting cut to size and pinned. Tomorrow I’ll sew it together and begin tacking it.

This is one of the reasons a studio is so important.

I can leave the quilt on my floor and not have to worry about anyone or anything disturbing it.  When I get into my studio tomorrow morning, everything will be just as I left it the night before.

4 thoughts on “Working on The Backing For My “Sweet Dreams” Quilt

  1. Maria, I love that you chose the peach and white striped backing over the red and blue flower print. Your work is very beautiful!

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