Tacking “Sweet Dreams”


Zinnia chose to pose with Sweet Dreams this afternoon.

Red or Orange, I questioned after sewing the batting and backing on  “Sweet Dreams”.  It didn’t take me long to decide, I pictured those little orange dashes on the red fabric and that was all I needed.

Also, the orange ties on the peachy and white backing made me think of a creamsicle.

So I threaded my needle and began tacking.  I got most of it done by the time I had to take Fate to the Vet for her vaccinations.

As I finished one more row with only two more to go, the clouds turned a deep blueish gray out my window and thunder rolled behind the hill.   I closed my windows and threw the tarp over the pile of firewood, then headed out.

I’ll finish “Sweet Dreams” tomorrow and then send her off to her new home.

4 thoughts on “Tacking “Sweet Dreams”

  1. I imagine snuggling under this beautiful quilt with dear Zinnia would for sure me sweet dreams.

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