A Visit With Issachar

Issachar in the barn this morning

I was mucking out the barn and spreading the manure in the barnyard when Issachar came in from grazing.  The rest of the animals stayed in the pasture, but Issachar walked up to me and stood there.

I wasn’t sure what he wanted so I scratched his head and neck, as I know he likes.  He followed me into the barn and hung out in the shade as I raked and shoveled.

This time I went to him and clearing my mind tried to see what was up.  It’s unusual for one of the sheep to leave the flock and come back to the barn.  Or if they do, they usually call to the other sheep to follow them.

Sometime I’ll hear something when I clear my mind around the animals.  Words will pop into my head that seem to come from the sheep or donkey or dog I’m with.

But that didn’t happen this time.  So instead I just scratched Issachar’s back for a while.

After I left, Issachar went back to the pasture with the rest of the sheep.  I’m still not sure what it was all about, but I do know we had a sweet moment together.

2 thoughts on “A Visit With Issachar

  1. I so appreciate your “clearing my mind tried to see what was up”. Think about it a lot. Have started to use it with my cat.

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