Finishing Up “Sweet Dreams”

Sweet Dreams

Sometimes, when I’m tacking a quilt,  I cut and tie as I go.  But with Sweet Dreams I saved that for the end.  First I pulled the yarn through the whole quilt making something like big basting stitches.

Then I cut and tied one section at a time.  Often I listen to a short story when I’m tacking a quilt.  The repetition of the work can be soothing, but depending on my mood, it can also be boring.

Today I was listening to a Bellydance Challenge song over and over.  It’s a Challenge song because last week in class when we danced to it I thought I was doing it right. I thought I started the song on the “one” beat.  But when the song was over, I was told that I was off.

So this morning in my studio,  I put the song called Frantic Feathers by The Snake Charmer on repeat.

As I cut and tied, I listened to the song and counted to the beat.  Each time the song started over, I got off my stool, or up from the floor and practiced starting on the beat.  The only thing I can think of comparing it to is jumping in when Jumping Rope and two other  people are turning the rope.

I’d dance to the song a bit then practice ending my turn and giving the lead to the next person. ( who of course wasn’t there but will be tonight)   There’s also a slow part in the middle of the song.  So  I practiced coming in on the “one” beat when the slow part ends and become fast again.

When I wasn’t dancing, I was cutting tying and listening.

Listening for clues to when the slow part begins, and when the song ends.  Listening to when the tempo changes and dancing in my head. Imagining myself dancing and changing my moves at the appropriate time.  Also imagining which moves work best as the music changes.

And alway, counting to the beat.

I have a feeling that even though I was taking the time out to dance, I got the tacking done quicker.  Something about the beat of the music.

I know for sure that I was less achy than usual.  All the movement, was a good break from reaching my arms over my head to tie the yarn at the top of the quilt,  or being curled over the ties at the bottom of the quilt.

When I was done I clipped the ends of the knots and was left with a smattering of short pieces of orange yarn on the floor under the quilt.  No matter what color, it alway reminds me of the dusting of pollen that falls from a cut flower onto the surface beneath it.

Sweet Dreams, signed and dated

The last thing I do is name, sign and date the quilt.

6 thoughts on “Finishing Up “Sweet Dreams”

  1. I am so happy with how this came out and can’t wait to see it in real life. It was so fun to follow your blog and watch it develop and get its name. It’s my retirement gift. Thank you for this beautiful
    treasure which I will pass on one day to my granddaughter Isybella ❤️

    1. Oh how beautiful Cyndi! It makes me very happy to know how much you like it and that you will be passing it on. And congrats again on your retirement! Enjoy every day of it.

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