A Two “Waiting” Drawings Day

Jon and I left the house early this morning to got to Albany to get his foot brace adjusted.  The only waiting we did was when the brace was actually being fixed.  Before that we had a great conversation with David who makes the braces.

But then the conversation is always good.  David loves what he does and his joy of life is infectious.  He also has a great dry sense of humor.  He and Jon connected the first time they met and strange as it may seem, now we always enjoy getting Jon’s brace adjusted.

We got a tour of the Clinical Prosthetics and Orthotics office.  It reminded me of the class rooms when I was in art school.   A place for making plaster molds, an oven for melting plastic, a grinding room for shaping the plastic and a sewing room for the ties and straps.  Jon took some pictures and wrote about it on his blog.

We got lunch and ice cream  on the way home, something else to make the day a good one.

I was thinking I might get to my studio for a couple of hours.  I started working on a potholder idea earlier in the week and I’ve been excited to get back to it.  But once we got home we saw that the bug bites Jon got on his leg yesterday morning were not only still red and swollen, but they were expanding.

The itch kept him up all night and hadn’t stopped all day.

His doctor told him to come to the office, so we were back in the car an hour later.  It’s good we went, he got a prescription for antibiotics, and itch cream.

We still don’t know what bit him, if his reaction is an infection or allergic.  But whatever it is, the antibiotics and some Benadryl should help.

Jon’s already feeling better walking on his “new” brace and I have my fingers crossed that the antibiotics will start doing their good work.

And, even if I didn’t get to my studio,  I got two “Waiting” drawing out of the day.

I left my sketch pad at home by mistake so used the back of an envelope to do my second “Waiting” drawing.

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