One of the Forget-me-not flowers fell off  onto this stone that was under it on the dining room table.   You can also see three dots of yellow pollen on the bottom of the stone.

If I walk with my friend Margaret it’s usually on a Friday.   This time of year, the trees on her lane create a canopy of shade.  Traffic is limited to the people who live on the small, dirt, dead end road.

If it’s windy we walk in the field behind her house.  The same field we snow shoe and sled in during the winter. We walk for an hour so I can get back to work.

Today there were purple saliva-like flowers growing along the lane,  so many of them in the small space between the road and trees.  I waited till we were on our way back to pick some.

On Wednesday when I had lunch with Mandy, as I do every other week, I picked a bouquet of Forget-Me-Nots from the wildness growing around her house.  She told me that her husband picks bunches of them and scatters them around the house to spread the seeds.

I brought both bouquets to Jon to take pictures of.

Maybe you saw the pictures with  Forget-me-nots already.  If not you can see some of them here.  I think he’s going to wait till tomorrow to photograph today’s spiky purple flowers.   I have no doubt they’ll show up on his blog soon.

And when the flowers wither and die, I’ll toss them into the front lawn and see if a seed or two don’t sprout next spring.

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