Summer Hens

The hens hang around in twos and threes.   When there are only two, one is usually in the coop laying an egg.

But sometimes White Hen will wander off on her own.

I’ll see her way out in the pasture and think she looks like easy prey.  Other times she’s tucked safely under the lilac bush.

Now, at night, when I close up the chicken coop, all three hens are inside.  What ever was making one or two of them roost under the hen house at night,  seems to be gone.  I’ll probably never understand what that was all about.

Last night, when I went to close up the coop,  Kitty Anne sat in the doorway looking out.  Maybe it was the full moon that kept her questioning if it was the end of the day or the beginning.

Kitty Anne looking out the door last night

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