Using Butterfly Fabric and Vintage Scraps From “Sweet Dreams” To Make Potholders


The pile of triangle scraps and the first butterfly

I saved the edges of the old quilt pieces that I cut off when I made my quilt Sweet Dreams.   They were just small triangular pieces but there were so many of them, I thought I’d be able to use them.

I did, and sooner than I would have thought.

On Monday, when I was washing and drying the fabric for the back of Sweet Dreams, I went searching for the fabric that I could add to the triangle scraps to make potholders.

The strip of butterfly fabric

What I found was a long strip of fabric with stylized butterflies in bold colors.

I cut off the first butterfly, chose my triangles and sewed them all together.

I knew I wanted a single large print pattern next.  But first I found it needed a thin solid strip around the diamond shape the triangles created.


I smiled with I sewed it all together knowing how much fun I’d have making the rest of these potholders.


These are the potholders I designed today.  And they were as much fun to make as I thought they’d be.  I have two more butterflies left.  I’ll make them into potholders on Monday, then finish them all up during the week.

One of the vintage quilt pieces that I trimmed to use in Sweet Dreams. The edges of it are now in the peach and orange Butterfly Potholder I made today.

6 thoughts on “Using Butterfly Fabric and Vintage Scraps From “Sweet Dreams” To Make Potholders

  1. Good Morning Maria,
    Love the butterflies;ys ! Are the two blue multi colored in the middle right available once completed? If they are available I would very much like to purchase them to add to my collection.

    Thanks …..Rhonda

    1. Hi Rhonda, they are both still available so they are yours. Thanks so much for asking about them. I will email you about them. 🙂

  2. this group of potholders is as stunning as their predecessors … your talent with ‘scraps’ is beautiful and remarkable. wonderful to see. they made me smile, too.

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