Planting The Dahlia Garden

“Ok, chickens,” I said, “it’s time for you to leave.  Sorry to take your patch of earth away, but it’s time to plant the dahlia garden.”

The hens have been loving  the fallow dahlia garden.  I covered it in donkey manure in the fall and they’ve been scratching at it since then, grabbing the insects and keeping the soil aerated.

They also have two shallow round holes, like dirt nests, that they love to take dust baths in.

Zip showed up after I brought the bags of dahlia bulbs up from the basement and began planting them.  He stuck his head in the bags and flirted with me until I scratched him under the chin.

Zip hid in his Hosta Hideout when I started cleaning up and went to the barn to get the little metal fence to keep the hens and cat out of the garden.

He was curious about the fence and checked it out thoroughly.

After I put the fence up, I watered the garden (Jon will take over the watering from now on) and mulched it with straw.

The hens came back walking the fence and poking their heads through it to peck at the straw.

The fence never stopped Minnie from using the dahlia garden as a big kitty litter box, but I’m hoping Zip with find another place to do his business.

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