Robin and The Blue Flag Irises

The Blue Flag Irises are blooming in the barnyard.   It’s a good year for them.  I was taking a picture of them when Robin came up and stuck his face in mine, as he often does.

He and the rest of the sheep and donkeys don’t eat them.   I’m not sure how they know not to eat them, if they are taught by older sheep, or trial en error.  Maybe they just don’t taste good or actually taste bad.

2 thoughts on “Robin and The Blue Flag Irises

  1. Had to look up the meaning of irises: This plant is also called Northern Blue Flag, Larger Blue Flag, Harlequin Blueflag, and Wild Iris. The name “flag” is from the middle English word “flagge,” meaning rush or reed. Iris flowers are said to symbolize power, with the three parts representing wisdom, faith and courage.

    I have often wondered if animals smell toxic plants without having to taste them, have to do some research.

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