What I Saw Yesterday


Issachar this morning

Yesterday from the time I let the animals out to graze in the morning,  I saw so much I would have taken a picture of if I had my iPhone.

But it was Saturday, so I observed what I saw instead taking a picture of it.

I think I took a little longer to look, so that I would remember them.  Taking a picture sometimes makes it too easy for me to to forget.  As if now that it is recorded, I can move on to the next thing.

What I do remember is the speck of a beetle, its hard body glistening gold pink and white.  It seemed lit from within a shimmering dot on a then green morning glory stem.

I saw two white moths on a leaf on the young apple tree in the front yard.  I went looking for evidence of the beginnings of apples when I spotted them.  Furry white head to furry white head, with feathered antenna, their wings a soft brilliant white.  I still wonder if they are there to eat the leaves,  I’ll look again today and see if I can identify them.

Earlier in the morning in the marsh where the Blue flag Iris are blooming a hummingbird moth buzzed from one blossom to another.  But I scared it away by getting too close.  It’s a wonderful year for the Blue Flags, there are so may of them.

Later today I’ll pick a bouquet for Jon.

As I turned the soil in my vegetable garden I pulled up a four inch long potato on the prong of my pitchfork.  It was already putting out a root when I disturbed it.

I’d noticed a few potato plants growing among the kale that came back so I knew there might be more.  I don’t think either would have survived a normal winter.  But this was a warm one and they were well insulated by the leaves and cardboard I put down in the fall.

One more small potato surfaced in the soil, so I cut them both up into pieces making sure each had an eye and planted them where there others were growing.

Fate sat by the gate to the barnyard as I worked, the hens spent most to their time under the lilacs and Zip popped up from time to time, rubbing against my leg or the small chickenwire fence around my garden.

I did wish I had my iPhone when I found him sleeping in the wheelbarrow.  “Lets for for a ride Zip,” I said, but he hopped out when the wheelbarrow started to move.

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