Night Rooster


It began with the rooster.   A little thing, no more than two inches tall.  An old cross stitch on a piece of linen about four inches by five.

I had seven of them for the longest time and they showed up this morning when I was cleaning up my studio.  And it was as if I were seeing them for the very first time.

I put the roosters on my work table and asked what they wanted.  And when I glanced over my shoulder I saw the fabric with the moon and stars.  It was neatly folded among other fabric in a low wooden box on my studio floor.

Immediately the words Night Rooster came into my mind.

I thought about how our chickens go in the roost every night before it gets dark and don’t get to see the night sky.  How the night time for a chicken is a dangerous time.  Time to go into the hen house or roost high in a tree and fall into that chicken doze.

Longing is the word I’d use.  I felt the Rooster had a longing to wander the night.  To live among the stars and moon.


But before I could work with the rooster, I had to trim the linen, make the whole thing smaller.  So I cut off the sides and sewed them back on with the hand embroiled edge framing the rooster, making it into a manageable size.

Then I gave the rooster the night sky.

I got stuck after this, not sure what happens next.  So I walked away.

I sat on my studio floor with my eyes closed and cleared my mind.  It took some time but soon I saw in my mind,  the colorful  stripes on either side of the rooster and his sky.

And when I sewed it all together, the little rooster, lost in the expanse of white linen, came alive.

I have seven more roosters and enough night sky fabric for all of them.

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