The Cambridge Food Pantry Memorial Day Float

Jon and I got to the  Cambridge Food Pantry early this morning so Jon could take photos of the volunteers who would be on the float in the Memorial Day Parade.

Sarah Harrington, the director of the Pantry, made a fabulous float with the help of the American Legion. Everyone on the float had a food costume on.  A Hamburger, donuts, a pickle and banana were just a few.  You can see them all on Jon’s blog, just click here. 

The parade is small compared to many, only a few blocks long, but it’s a bit deal in town and lots of people put their chairs out on Main Street early to get a good view of it.  This is the first time the Food Pantry has been a part of it and I think it’s a smart and fun way to help get the word out.

Soon school will be out and we’ll no longer be helping with the Backpack program that gives food to kids from the local school for the weekend.   There’s only one week left then I’ll start helping  unload the truck that comes in on Tuesday afternoons with food from the Regional Food Bank.

Jon is much more involved with the Food Pantry than I am.  He’s texting back and forth to Sarah all day figuring out what food is needed next and writing about it.  And the Army of Good is once again doing wonders supplying the food.

I know I’ll get into unloading the boxes and putting the food away on Tuesdays.  It’s the kind of work I like to do.  Physical and satisfying.

Sarah asked me if I wanted to be on the float for the parade, but I declined.  In the past I might have felt bad about that,  but I now believe that we all do our part when we do what we are good at and or enjoy.

Jon is so good at telling the stories with words and pictures to raise money for all the different causes he has since he began the Army of Good.  There’s really no need for him to be unloading boxes.

I took the video above of the float  driving past the Food Pantry sign on its way to the parade.  Some of the people on the float  were going walk along side it in the parade and hand out packages of vegetable seeds to the people watching.

What better than that for a Food Pantry to be giving away.

All the Food on the float.        Photo by Jon Katz

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