Shiny Things, My Old Tree Fabric Painting

Working on my Fabric Painting

I heard the crows, talking back and forth to each other as soon as I stepped out the back door.  I looked around for them, but couldn’t see them.  Then one flew from the cover of trees on the hill across the road.

It was being chased by three smaller birds.

I watched as the crow circled the pasture.  I thought of how Zip “plays” with a mouse.  Just yesterday Jon freed a mouse from Zip games in the back yard.  “It’s not as if he was going to eat it” was what Jon said about it.

Soon another crow came from the opposite direction.  They continued to talk to each other and eventually both flew into the trees in the woods behind the farm, suggesting that the smaller birds were successful.

If I had any doubt about what I’d be doing today, hearing and seeing the crows confirmed it.

I didn’t even bother with yesterday’s mess. If I got into that I’d never get out of it. I went straight to the branch and bird  hanging on my wall.  With the big spool or tan thread, a sewing needle, scissors, pin cushion, stash of doilies, and reading glasses, I got to work.

I love working with the doilies.  Theyhave so much texture, some with thin easy to manipulate lines, and others with thick distinct circles or even flowers.  I guide them more than tell them what to do. And they reciprocate by falling into place.

One of the beads in the tree

As I sewed the doily tree I thought of how crows love shiny things.  So when I was faced with a small space between the doilies where the “sky” showed through, I went to my jar of beads and found a small round shiny one.

I sewed it in the tree and as I worked I sewed in a few more.  They aren’t noticeable from a distance and even close up, if you didn’t know they were there, you might not see them.

I still have more work to do on the tree which I will finish tomorrow.  Then I have to decide what to do next the bird or the green leaves coming up from the bottom.  But that is for another day.

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