Knowing My Donkeys

Scratching Lulu’s ears

I handed each donkey a treat then opened the gate.  When they saw the small jar in my hand, they both turned and ran.

Both Fanny and Lulu are losing some hair on their chest and under their chin.  It’s probably from all the moisture we’ve had and is not uncommon.  A few years ago Fanny was losing the hair on her rump.  I put some Skin-so-soft on it and she’s not had the problem since.

This time it looked like the bugs were getting at the bare patches, so I washed them first with betadine.

Unfortunately the donkeys didn’t like that very much at all.

But when I rubbed the Skin-so-soft on the bare patches, they both stood still as if it actually felt good.

The small jar I came into the barnyard with  was a lime sulfur cream, something I read about online.  It’s supposed to work well for this kind of hair loss.  Fanny was fine with me using it on her, but Lulu bolted as I was rubbing it into her skin.  I don’t know if it stung, or if she didn’t like the smell.

So today, I gave each donkey a treat then put some Skin-so-soft in my hand.  I held my hand out to Fanny’s nose so she could sniff it then told her I was going to put it on the chest and that it would feel good.

She seemed to love it.

I did the same for Lulu and she got a bit impatient, but I got most of the lotion on her.

As we walked to the pasture Lulu kept her distance from me.  But once she started grazing, I squatted down next to her.  She stopped chewing, a piece of grass sticking out of her mouth and leaned her head on mine.  We stayed that way for a while.  Then I got up and scratched her ears.

Fanny is so much more easy going than Lulu.   I have to work a bit harder with Lulu.  But every time something like this happens I learn once again, that being calm and patient is the only way to get the donkeys to do something they might balk at.

Being open and honest is a part of that.

I might try the sulfur lotion again, this time with just a dab on my hand.  But I did notice that Fanny hair is already starting to grow back.

I’m not surprised it might take Lulu a little longer.

Fanny, White Hen and Zip on his way under the fence.



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