Making The Crow on the Old Tree Branch

I woke up thinking about getting to my studio and working on my Old Tree fabric painting.  That’s what I’ve begun calling it, but I don’t know that it will be the title, I’m still open to what comes along.  Old Tree doesn’t really say it all.

I did finish sewing the tree and began working on the crow.  I sure now that it is a crow.  I took that crow apart and put it back together many times before getting it right. I made her head bigger and added some color.

I played with her position on the branch too and settled on this upright one.

I’ll work with the feet some more to make sure they are grounded, but the idea is there.  The rest will come as I sew them.

Now I have to figure out the eye.  I worked on it a bit, I tried stitching the eye, but it’s really too small so now I have an idea that involves a bead.  Another think that I don’t think I can completely think through, it will have to come with the stitching.

As soon I figure out the eye I’ll start sewing the crow to the backing.

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