After Shearing Sheep Portraits


I started taking my Sheep Portraits a few days ago and now I have all seven.  So here they are as promised, the sheep after shearing.


The sheep have a hard time recognizing each other after they’ve been shorn.  From a distance I get confused sometimes too.   Constance is easy to spot by her short legs, round body and her soft gray wool.


Lori is more bony than Constance.  She also has longer legs and a big white spot on her nose.


Robin is as tall as the other wethers.  But his legs are longer and his face completely different from Asher and Issacar’s.


Since I only have two white sheep, Kim and Merricat are easy to tell apart.  Actually having white wool is the only thing they have in common.


Asher and Issachar are the hardest to tell apart.   I have to be close up the them to see the white mark on Issacar’s face.


They also have ear tags from when they lived with Liz, our former shearer who gave them to me. Issachar is 213 and Asher 214.


6 thoughts on “After Shearing Sheep Portraits

  1. You captured their heart and soul and unique personality.
    Fun to see the before and after.
    they are beautiful.

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