What? A “Waiting” Drawing

I started making my “Waiting” drawings when I went with Jon to his doctors appointments.  But the the past few have been about me waiting for my appointments.

Once again my ear is clogged.  Not as bad as last time, but since it keeps coming back, I’ll go to see a specialist.  It’s probably allergies, mine like many people I know have them bad this spring.  My doctor did give me a prescription for a nasal spray, so hopefully it will clear up before I see the specialist which can take a while.  Luckily I can still hear perfectly well out of my other ear.

I do like the direction my “Waiting” drawings have taken.

They were inspired by a small illuminated book I saw in a museum.  On one page a drawing and the other words.  I’ve deviated from that format, but now each of my drawings has at least one chair.  A good symbol for waiting.   And on the opposite page I explain why I’m waiting.

My drawings often get interrupted, which is nothing to complain about.  It means I don’t have to wait too long.

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