Days of Waiting

Fanny and Merricat grazing in the back pasture

I feel like I am winding down.  Getting ready to go away on Sunday.

Tomorrow I’ll send off any of the Butterfly Potholders and  Meditation Tree Posters that I sell overnight.  Otherwise whatever sells will have to wait until Thursday to go in the Mail.

I’m making a list of things I don’t want to forget to bring and things to do before we leave.  We don’t worry about the animals, they are in good hands with our farm sitter.

On Sunday we’ll pull out of the driveway and I’ll go over things I might have forgotten in my head.  But before long I’ll be able to leave it all behind.

One of the wonderful things about driving in Vermont is that there are no big cities or major highways to take to get to where we are going.  We’ll get on route 100, one the most scenic in the state, and drive north. The only traffic will come from being behind a farm tractor going slow on a winding road.

When we arrive we’ll drop off Jon’s computer which is getting a new hard drive put in.  It’s the reason for our trip.  It will take a few days to complete so all we have to do after we drop it off is wait.

I could do one big long “Waiting” drawing.  Or maybe a few little ones.

I will be bringing my sketch pad and a book to read.  I will not be blogging for two days at least, maybe three depending on what time we get home on Wednesday.

But I do like the idea of taking advantage of waiting.  The kind of waiting that happened before smart phones which allow us to do too much, when we could be doing nothing.

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  1. Have wonderful, restful days of waiting!!! Glad you both are having some well deserved time off

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