My “Meditation Tree” Posters For Sale

My Meditation Tree Poster is 11″x17″ and is $30 with free shipping.   You can buy it here.

I didn’t know that Joye, who bought my “Meditation Tree” fabric painting knew LoisJean.

But when LoisJean wrote to ask me for some I Have the Right to be Happy” magnets, she said that Joye brought the Meditation Tree to her house to show it to her.  She wrote,  “It’s so wonderful to touch it and see and feel all the details.  Once she has it hung…I will be joining her in meditating.”

I wasn’t there when Joye and LoisJean got together, but when something like this happens, I always feel like a small part of me really was there.  Because everything I make and send out into the world, truly is a part of me that I have set free.

My Meditation Trees were born out of a visit to the dentist.

As I sat in the chair waiting,  I closed my eyes to meditate.  That’s when I saw the tall tree.  It was so tall that the leaves were just a small crown on the top most branches and the bottom was wide and grounded in the earth.

From that vision I made many smaller fabric Meditation Trees that people hung on their wall or held while meditating.

It was after that, that I made the Meditation Tree fabric painting.

I hand stitched the silky fabric that became the tree on an old quilt.  I used the old hand quilted stitches to emphasize the background by painting them with fabric paint.

This Meditation Tree didn’t have leaves, but the promise of leaves.  I made them in the form of   tassels like the ones that hang from our big old maples every spring.

Beneath the tree is the Earth Energy spiral.  The tree connecting the earth and sky energy.

It took a while for the posters to be made.  The first time they came out too dark and had to be redone.  But I do believe that they have arrived at just the right time.

Now my Meditation Tree Posters are for sale in my Etsy Shop.  They are 11″x17″ printed on heavy poster paper and are $30 with free shipping.  Just click here to buy one.  

Or if you don’t like to use Etsy, you can email me at [email protected].  I take checks, PayPal and Venmo.

Jon and his fabric “Meditation Tree”

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