A Few Days Off

Asher and Zip

There are only a few things left to do before Jon and I leave for our trip to Vermont.

The biggest is packing up Jon’s computer.  I’d draw a diagram (how I love to do that) of the wires plugged into his computer so when we bring it back  we won’t have to remember it all.

I’m bringing the book Wayward by Emilia Hart,  (in which crows are important characters), When The Trees Say  Nothing By  Thomas Merton, a National Geographic with an article about mushrooms, and my sketch pad.

I have two Potholders still available in my Etsy Shop.   I’ve mailed all the orders that came in between Friday and this morning and will send out any after that on Thursday.

We’ll be back sometime on Wednesday,  but I don’t expect to be back on line till Thursday.

Have a good few days and see you soon!


Asher again and Lulu’s nose,  framed by Fanny

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