Our Visit To The St Johnsbury Atheneum

Jon across the street from the Atheneum in St Johnsbury VT

“Living across the street from the Fire Station appeals to the eight year inside of me,” the man hauling a grocery bag and 12 pack of beer out of his car said to us.

Jon and I were sitting at a picnic table in front of a deli on Main Street in St Johnsbury Vermont.  The small man with the close cut beard stopped at the door to his apartment building to let us know that the water main break was under the river and they’d have to get a drone or something to detect exactly where it was.  And that probably wouldn’t happen till tomorrow.

He knew all this became he saw the Fire Chief earlier in the day.

It was an hours drive from Stowe where we had dropped off  Jon’s computer at MacNurse, to get a new hard drive installed,  to the Atheneum in St Johnsbury.

When we got to the front door, there was a sign saying it was closed due to a water main break.  We didn’t know it had effected the whole town until we went to use the bathroom and buy a drink at the deli across the street.

That squashed our alternative plans of going to the Fairbanks Museum.  And after talking to  the man going into his apartment (who was much more cheerful than I’d have thought someone would be who just learned he’d have no water at least for two days) we knew we wouldn’t be coming back the next day either.

The St Johnsbury Atheneum has the sweetest Victorian Library with a spiral staircase and balcony.  It also has a gallery with a glass dome roof.  Albert Bierstadt’s  The Domes of Yosemite takes up one whole wall of the gallery. The painting  is about nine feet hight and 15 feet long .   There’s a nice collection of smaller 19th century paintings too.

Its one of those small but special places and I’ve been wanting to go with Jon there for years. But we were the lucky ones, we could go back to our room in Stowe and have all the water we wanted.

And now we have a reason to take another trip and go back again someday.

(I read that the water in St Johnsbury is working again, I’m not sure how long it took to fix)

Jon back at home with his refurbished computer.  He’s taking pictures of the flowers I brought him back from the pasture and garden.

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