Old Tree And Crow….Eye, Feet and Tail Feathers

I figured out the crows eye on my Old Tree and Crow fiber painting while we were away.  I worked on it in my head.  Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn’t.

This time it did, probably because before we left for our trip I did a lot of experimenting trying to figure that eye out.

I wonder if it helped that I finished reading Weyward by Emila Hart while we were away.  Crow is a familiar for generation after generation of women in the book.

When I got to my studio this morning, I cut a piece of the black fabric I would make the crows head from.  Then I screwed it into an embroidery ring and began embroidering  the eye.  A made a few before the one I chose for my crow.

The pupil is a glinting blue bead.

I cut out the head around the eye and placed it on the crows body.  Next I basted the whole bird down, then I began sewing.

When it was all sewn down, and before I took out the basting stitches, I loosely sewed the feet.   I was able to shape them as I sewed and liked the way they gripped the tree.  I have to work on them more but now I know they will have the feeling I’m looking for.

When I had the bird all sewn down I stepped back to look at it. That’s when  I realized my crow didn’t have any tail feathers.

So I plucked some of the threads I had stitch and pinned some tail features on.  I didn’t have time to sew them on today, but I’m looking forward to finishing the feathers and working on the feet.

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