The Barn Swallows And Their Babies

Kim, Robin and barn swallows

I saw the triangle beaks peeking out of the nest, but the barn swallows are being elusive this year.   The babies retreat as soon as I show up.  And the adults fly in a frenzy round and round till I leave.

Maybe they’re responding to Zip being here.  There are two nests in the barn and one in the woodshed.

I’ve been trying to get pictures or a video of them for weeks, but it didn’t happen until I caught them by chance in this picture I took of Kim and Robin.

I’m just glad they’re back.  I think they can fight off Zip no matter how good a hunter he is.

He did scare the pigeons away.  There are two who roost on the top of the barn, but not one nest in the barn.

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