“Waiting Drawing” Glad To Be Hearing Again

my waiting drawing

I had time to make another Waiting Drawing.  This one was once again for me and not Jon.  Although Jon came with me.

My ear was still giving me trouble and the earliest  appointment with a specialist was two months away.  So this morning Jon and I got up early and drove to the ENT and Allergy Walk In Services in Albany.

We got there just as they opened so didn’t have long to wait at all.  I was relieved to be diagnosed with a fungal infection and treated, so now I can hear out of my right ear again.   It was never painful, but it was uncomfortable and very itchy.

I’ll go back for the next two or three weeks for the treatments of boric acid.  All I have to do is keep my ear dry.

I have some pain from her digging around in my ear and releasing the fluid and when I got home I found I was tried enough to take a nap.  But I know it’s all a sign of healing.

When the doctor told me it was a fungal infection caused by water being trapped in my ear, I was at first a bit repulsed.  But then I thought of all the wonderful mushrooms that grow in the woods.  And specifically the ones that grow in the holes in trees.

It’s a bit of a stretch, but it made me feel better about it.

So as I waited on the line to check out of the office, I started to draw some mushrooms on my “Waiting” drawing.

The line went so quickly so I only got to draw a few.

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