The Old Tree and Crow. Finishing the Feet and Feathers, Beginning the Leaves


I finished sewing my crow today. Tail feathers and feet.

The old quilt top I’m using the leaves from

Then I began taking the stitches out of the appliquéd leaves on the old quilt top.

I use my seam ripper to remove the hand stitching that someone did so long ago.  I wonder how the person who sewed this quilt would feel about me taking out the work she did.

It’s what I do, reuse fabric and rework the threads that people, mostly women, have worked before me.  I give it new life when it’s worn beyond use or needs “letting go.”

I’ll sew the leaves from the old quilt onto my fabric painting.

(As I sat on the front porch writing this so many crows carried on  a raucous conversation in the trees on the hill across the road)


2 thoughts on “The Old Tree and Crow. Finishing the Feet and Feathers, Beginning the Leaves

  1. The crows were drawn by some innate sense of their being honoured. There are no coincidences!
    When I came to live here I was surprised to find crows that flew off at the sight of me, something that had never happened before but then I learned about the crows that annually flock in thousands in Auburn, NY. They have a very unhappy experience with mankind. In the 5+ years I’ve been here, the crows here have slowly grown slightly less wary, perhaps recognizing that we will never arm them.

    1. That’s interesting Carolyn. There are a couple of crows that are always around the farm, but they never get too close. I alway thought it was because they had no need to. Unlike in suburbs where they have less of a habitat.

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