Up and Down and Up Again…

David sent me this picture of the Spirit Owl Pillow he bought from me in its new home.

Last week when I finally got my the Crow in my fiber painting just right, I was up for days.  But when I posted my Rooster Potholders, I had the feeling that they wouldn’t sell.  I woke up thinking about them, thinking  about money, thinking I had to do something different.

As I lay in bed, I reminded myself that feeling good, no matter what sold or didn’t, no matter how many or few comments I got on my blog, had to come from inside of myself.

So I closed my eyes and concentrated on my breathing.

As my mind slowed the letter that Barb sent me popped into my head.  She wrote how much the Chickadee Potholder that she bought for her friend will remind her of her mother. How her friend was going through a hard time and the reminder of her mother would be helpful.

That’s what it’s about I thought to myself.  That’s what I want my work to do.

When I went online Sunday and saw that all my Potholders had sold, I thought, “Well, I’m not over yet.”

It’s something that Jon and I talk about often.  Because someday we will “be over.”  But we also remind each other (this weekend it was Jon reminding me)  that when things get tough, creative people get creative. Even to the point of reinventing themselves.

I think of my friend and poet Veronica Hallissey.  She inspires me each time I read one of her blog posts.  In her late 80s with many health issues, including having a hard time typing, she faithfully sends her poetry and wisdom out to the world.

Both of which, I believe, make the world a better place.

With the sale of one of my Night Rooster Potholders came a message from Gwen saying someday, when she collects enough potholders she’ll ask me to make her a lap quilt.   I now have three she wrote me…and her her age… may transition before I have enough.

Then Cheryl wrote how the two blue Potholder she bought would be just right with for her new kitchen.

I read these messages and I think what a beautiful community has come from my work and the people who understand what I’m trying to do.  And I know I am doing what I was meant to.  I’m grateful to have found it,  pursued it and made it work.  For now at least.

Because the doubts and lulls are just a part of the life.    And they do their part too.  They help keep me creative,  get me into my studio in the morning, and keep me writing on my blog six days a week.

6 thoughts on “Up and Down and Up Again…

  1. I appreciate you, Maria. I read almost every single one of your blogs and your Monday Morning video. I am not one to reply to each blog, but I want you to know that I so appreciate all that you share!

    1. I know there are a lot of people out there who never comment, and I get that and appreciate all of you being there comments or not. Thanks for your kind words Val.:)

  2. Hi Maria….I have your magnets, cards,
    and potholders all over the place! They
    bring joy and beauty all the time. Know
    that you send your creativity out into
    the world, and it’s appreciated.
    An artist’s life is uneven…
    lots of bumps and curves….but you have
    the spark. Trust it.

  3. Life certainly is full of ups and downs. For me your blog and following you on your creative journeys is something I look forward to every day! You have inspired me to be my own creative force and to allow my projects to speak to me especially when I’m not sure what should come next. You’re one of the most creative people I know and I’m blessed to call you my friend!

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