Fanny and Lulu Get Their Hooves Trimmed


Lulu and Fanny in the barn with their bridles on waiting for Matt

I held out the alfalfa treat and Lulu lifted her nose from the grass to smell it.  “Matt’s coming to trim your hooves,” I said to her. Then I called to Fanny who was just a few feet away, “Come on Fanny, Matts on his way.  You know you love to get your nails done.”

The donkeys love Matt.  They stand patiently for him when he trims their hooves and Fanny especially nuzzles him when ever she gets the chance.

As difficult as Lulu can be, this time it was Fanny who didn’t cooperate.

I was counting on Fanny to  follow Lulu which is what usually happens.  But she took her time and when she got to the barn she didn’t want to come in.  The sheep didn’t help.  They all clustered around the gate trying go through the gate.

It’s another of those times when a Border Collie who can heard sheep would have come in handy.  A dog who herds could have  kept the sheep away so I could get Fanny to follow me into the barn.

But that didn’t happen.

So I got a brush and went into the barn to brush Lulu.  The donkeys don’t like to be separated even if they can still see each other and I knew eventually Fanny would want to be with Lulu.

But Fanny wasn’t budging and I was running out of time.   So I got Fanny’s bridle and went to get her.   The only time the donkeys wear a bridle is when the Farrier or Vet comes.   As Fanny nibbled on some grass, I lowered the bridle over her head.

Then I held on it with one hand and held out an alfalfa treat in the other.  With a little tug, she walked with  me into the barn.

And she was happy to be there, happy to get a treat, get brushed and be with Lulu.

When Matt trimmed her hooves Lulu rested her head on Fanny’s back and Fanny  was a good as every.  When it was Lulu’s turn Fanny stood next to Matt and got as close as she could.

The donkeys get their hooves trimmed about four times a year  with every season.  The  hair on their chest is growing back, now a soft fuzz under their neck  where it had fallen out.  They’re shedding their long winter coat and I make sure to brush them at least once a day to help it along.

The donkeys do fine in the cold, but they love the hot summer days that are ahead.

Lulu and Fanny’s newly trimmed hooves.  You can see Fate at the fence, looking in.  She stayed there the whole time watching.

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