The Barn Swallow

 I took this picture of a different barn swallow on the same branch the next day. 

I found that if I moved my chair a bit to the right I had a view through an archway in the leaves of the apple tree to a bare hanging branch.

Perched on that branch was a small barn swallow.

Other barn swallows swooped past her, their pointy wings and forked tails visible to me for only a moment in the blue space between the dark green leaves.

Soon a bigger Swallow landed on the branch above the smaller one,  preening elegantly.

As if trying it out, the  smaller bird stretched one wing far from her body,  then quickly pulled it back in as if losing her balance.   But she kept at it, and I watched  till eventually she reached out her wing, and ducked her beak into it, using her tail as ballast to keep her center.

Soon the bigger swallow dropped off the branch, arched up and away.   The other swallows continued  to circle, as if inviting the small bird to join them.

And then she did.

Leaping off the branch  as if diving into a pool.  And I got the feeling that she was just waiting for the right moment and trusted herself to know when that would be.

The baby barn swallows in the nest in the barn.  There are two nests in the barn and one in the woodshed.

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