A New Sewing Machine

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I bought a sewing machine today.

It’s not something I did lightly.  A few days ago I took out my free motion sewing machine, the Viking, and the light didn’t work.  But it’s not a simple bulb to replace, actually I couldn’t find a replacement online.

It’s not the only thing wrong with the machine.  It has other problems, some that I’ve have repaired before and others that no one seems to be able to fix.

I’ve been looking around for a while, on and off for years really.

Today I found just what I was looking for.  A Singer 6380 Heavy Duty with extension table.

It’s a simple metal machine and the extension table makes it perfect for free motion sewing.  It can do regular sewing too so I’ll have a back up machine if I have to bring my Janome to the shop.

I bought the machine from Joanne Fabrics.  It was originally $350 and on sale for $199.  Shipping was free so instead of driving an hour into Glens Falls to pick it up I’m having it delivered.

I didn’t intend on buying a sewing machine today and I didn’t intend to buy one without seeing it in person.  But everything about it felt right  and if for some reason it isn’t, I can always return it.

I’m excited to get it and do some free motion sewing again.  I always dreaded taking out the Viking because so often I had trouble with it.  In retrospect I can see that not having a free motion sewing machine that I feel comfortable using hindered my creativity.

Now my mind is spinning with ideas of what I’ll do first.

On of the first potholders I made when I got my first free motion sewing machine in 2010

4 thoughts on “A New Sewing Machine

  1. I don’t think I’ve seen a metal sewing machine in years. My Mom had a metal Pfaff that had decades of daily use (she worked as a seamstress at home). And I had an old metal Kenmore at one time that I periodically cleaned and oiled myself. Don’t remember where it went, but I sure remember how heavy it was to lift!
    Seems like everything’s plastic now

    1. I was surprised to see that too LoisJean. I’ve just gotten used to plastic. It’s true about the weight of it, I hadn’t thought of that. :)

  2. Hi, Maria. I love your “first” potholder! You are so creative! Keep up the good work you do. Peace!

    1. Thank Karen. I remember when I first got my free motion sewing machine I drew everything that was right in front of me in my studio. And I still love to draw the same.

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