Getting Ready For The Heat

Fanny resting her head on Asher’s back

We’re getting ready for the heat that’s coming tomorrow.

I’ll open up the gate to the pasture later this evening so the sheep and donkeys can graze without the sun and bugs.  They have the pole barn for shade and plenty of water.  I’ll make sure the water bowls are full and water the gardens in the evening.

The hens know how to stay cool under the lilacs or in the barn.  And Zip, like most cats, will find the most comfortable place on the farm. Probably in the barn or under the front porch.

Us humans will take care too.

We are fortunate to have air conditioners so we can stay cool in the house and in my studio.   Although this kind of heat can drag me down, it’s especially important for Jon not to be out in it for long.

We are lucky, the high temperatures are only supposed to last three days here.  I feel like extreme weather has almost become normalized.  Like I’ve come to expect it and also accept it.  I know we’ve prepared for snow storms, but until recently, I’ve never prepared for the heat.

Whether people believe in climate change or not, I’m no longer hearing those arguments, from the people around me anyway,  that the weather is the same as it always was.

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