My Organizational Head


Fate sat outside the door to the guestroom/office while I did my bookkeeping.  It’s not unusual for her to come and visit when I’m working upstairs in the house, but unlike today, she doesn’t often stay.

I had enough time in my studio after coming back from the foot doctor with Jon to fold and put away the piles of fabric on my floor.  I even found a few pieces that might be the beginning of a new potholder.

But my head wasn’t in a creative place so I figured I’d put my organizational head to good use and get the paperwork done.

I’m expecting my sewing machine to be delivered tomorrow.  I’m excited to see how it works, I have  good feeling about it.   It wasn’t on the list of the best Singer Sewing Machines, but my needs aren’t necessarily the needs of other people when it comes to using this machine.

I’m mainly interested in it for free motion sewing and it has the kind of extension table that I like.  I don’t use all the hundreds of stitches that come with most machines now.   I looked into getting another Brother Sewing Machine because I liked mine so much.  But they didn’t have anything simple as the one I bought fourteen years ago and they were very expensive.

When I finished with the numbers, I went for a walk in the woods to help lull my head back to a creative place.

The big old Shagbark Hickory

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