Maybe, by now, my Waiting drawings speak for themselves.  I imagine they’d be more easily understood, as most things are, in context.

I ran out of space in my little sketchbook, the one with the Zinnia seed pack on the cover that my friend Emily gave me.  The sketch book is actually a bit smaller than a pack of seeds.

But I still had it in my bag and nothing else to draw on.  So I drew over what was written there.

Which was our milage from our trip to Stowe for our bookkeeper.  I used my sketch pad because I knew I wouldn’t misplace it.

I used it also when we went to the talk on worm farms.  I took many notes, in the back of it with a blue pen.  If I do forget to put a new sketch pad in my bag, I imagine I will draw over them too.

Maybe a fatter marker would be better for that.

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